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Donna summer

Skye Isaac


Skye Isaac is a singer/songwriter originally from Lafayette, La. She currently resides in Los Angeles, Ca where she’s actively pursuing a career in music, as well as acting and modeling. SKYE has been singing, dancing, and playing the piano since the age of 4. She developed a keen musicality at a very young age when she began finding harmonies in her favorite songs and remembering them line by line! She’s been a cheerleader since the age of 8, competing at the national level, and went on to become a professional dancer for the Louisiana Ice Gators hockey team. After high school graduation, she became a licensed realtor for the state of Louisiana. 


SKYE has been a part of several bands including  “Cosmic Skye” and has toured all over the south. She is best known for her exciting live  performances where her strong vocals, amazing dancing, and electric stage presence combine! Her numerous notable opportunities in entertainment include, performing with Solange Knowles on Saturday Night Live, and participating as a contestant on Kelly Rowland’s show Chasing  Destiny. You can catch her on Lifetime's Original movie "The Wrong Neighbor", as well as several commercials including Adidas,  Cheerios, and Google. She is the newest addition to WDE

and is amazing as Donna Summer. The fans LOVE her!


SKYE is so passionate about Entertainment because of the connections she’s able to form with people through it. Whether it’s a moment in a commercial that makes someone laugh, or a line in a song that touches someone’s heart, SKYE sees each and every one of these opportunities as a chance to bring people together. SKYE hopes to leave her mark on the world as someone who truly cares about people. She plans to do this by continuously spreading messages of Love, Hope, Tolerance, and Individuality through her art.

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